Thursday, February 11, 2016

Essential Oils and Aromatic Herbal Vapes Can Reduce Cigarette Cravings

When your end-goal was to keep on vaping until you're able to puff e-juice that has zero nicotine, it's never an option for you to raise the nicotine strength of your e-juice. Moreover, buying a bigger bottle of e-juice doesn't help because you're simply adding more e-juice into your personal supply. Because there's more juice for you to consume, you'll likely keep on vaping until you're satisfied with the amount of nicotine you've inhaled.

At this point, it doesn't hurt to try and vape a few drops of essential oils, or take advantage of aromatic e-juice blends that make use of certain fruits and herbs, such as bergamot and lavender. Who knows? Any of these suggestions may turn out to be the best fit for you.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Significantly Reduces Nicotine Cravings
Black Pepper Essential Oil comes from black peppercorn seeds.

Inhale Some Black Pepper or Angelica Essential Oil to Block Cravings

Dr. Barbara Cordell, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner and the Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences at Panola University, was part of a small pilot study that investigated the physical and behavioral effects of certain essential oils on a small group of tobacco users. One-half of the group was told to add a drop of black pepper essential oil unto a tissue paper and inhale the rich aroma for two minutes. Meanwhile, the other half was instructed to put a drop of angelica on their piece of tissue and breathe it in for two minutes. They were told to do that every time they felt the urge to smoke, dip or chew tobacco.

Cordell provided the following summary of their findings:
Although both essential oils effectively curbed cravings, they had different reactions. Reported intensity of cravings dropped more dramatically for black pepper users than for those who sniffed angelica, while angelica users were able to delay their next nicotine hit for longer than those in the pepper group.

Rose and Behm did a similar study in 1994 wherein they observed the effects of vaping black pepper essential oil on smokers. The subjects who were assigned to the black pepper group reported a significant reduction in their cravings. They felt more upbeat and less anxious as a result.

Angelica Black Pepper Essential Oils Reduce Nicotine Cravings

Try Vaping Some Aromatic Blends of E-liquids

The Smoke Out!! Diffuser Blend from Sunrose Aromatics is specially formulated to help smokers quit through the inhalation or diffusion of the aromatic liquid. Each of the essential oils distilled from Clary Sage, Patchouli, Black Pepper and Spikenard was chosen because of their respective healing properties.
Clary Sage Oil provides soothing relief for sore throat, labor pains, asthma, coughing, gas, exhaustion, stress and menstrual problems.

Patchouli Oil is mostly used as a topical solution to common hair and skin care problems, and also as a natural insect repellant. The oil is also used to relieve stress and fatigue through vapor inhalation or topical application.

Black Pepper Oil improves circulation, relieves muscle and joint pain, increases stamina, and enhances alertness, among other things. Frequent inhalation of the oil significantly reduced the cravings and extended the smoker's resting period before he or she started craving cigarettes again.

Spikenard Oil is mainly used to treat a rash to prevent it from spreading and to minimize the soreness and itchiness. It's also applied to the face to smooth out one's wrinkles.

aromatic herbs in essential oils help curb cigarette cravings
Essential oils are distilled from the flowers, leaves and roots of herbs and medicinal plants.

Meanwhile, an aromatic blend of Bergamot, Fennel and Patchouli essential oils is purported to be effective in suppressing addictive behavior (which I find hard to believe). But, if you took a closer look into the essential oils that were used as ingredients, you'd quickly realize that each of those oils were already bringing a whole lot of good into the mix.

Because it's distilled from the rinds of a citrus fruit, Bergamot Oil has antiseptic properties, which is good for treating infections, skin problems, and respiratory ailments. Fennel Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties that helps relieve muscle pain, eliminate toxins, and clear up mucus. The addition of Patchouli Oil strengthens the blend's aromatherapeutic effects that include calming, enhancing, balancing, detoxifying, uplifting and refreshing.


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