Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Using Bottom Coil Atties and Maintaining Them

If you’re like most vapers, you’d have bought personal vaporizers equipped with either a top coil or bottom coil atomizers. The choice on whether a bottom coil tank atomizer is a better option than a top coil depends on your needs at the moment. According to the Slim Vape Pen blog, “a bottom coil clearomizer, also known as a bottom feed clearomizer, or bottom feeders, is a clearomizer that has the atomizer (heating coil) at the bottom of the tank.

Meanwhile, Quit Smoking Community has published a guide into clearomizers, cartomizers and atomizers that described a bottom coil type as “a clearomizer with a bottom coil has great wicking, and the vapor quality is excellent. And it produces a very cool vapor, which is great if that is what you prefer. You won’t have to worry about the vapor burning your throat.

Refer to this bulleted comparison between top coil and bottom coil atomizers for an overview:

Top Coil vs Bottom Coil Clearomizers

If you’re looking for a good bottom coil clearomizer to start vaping with, then choose a Mini Kanger Protank 2 or a Kanger EVOD for starters. When you hit a snag with a Kanger, try some other brand until you found one that gives you a smooth vaping experience. Here are some suggestions from the Vapor Jedi gallery.

eleaf bcc gt ego clearomizer black

Eleaf BCC GT Ego Clearomizer (Black) via VaporJedi

Eleaf BCC-GT Bottom Coil Glass Clearomizer with 1.6 ml Tank

This stainless steel clearomizer has a newly designed dual bottom coil. The Pyrex glass tank ensures clean flavor and eliminates the risk of plastic leeching into your liquid. The new dual coil head provides incredible vapor production and flavor. The tip of the Eleaf BCC-GT is removable and can be replaced with most 510 trip tips.

It’s available in seven colors. The BCC-GT mouthpiece is pluggable.

The BDC atomizer head offers two values of coil resistance: acquiescent 1.8 ohm and alternative 1.6 ohm. Because of this, it’s expected that the BCC-GT atomizer will vaporize more thoroughly compared to other types of atomizers. Other features include:

* eGo threading connection
* Removable 510 drip tip
* Bottom filling and heating

Aspire Nautilus Mini 2 BVC tank

Aspire Nautilus Mini 2 with BVC tank via VaporJedi

Nautilus Mini BVC Clearomizer by Aspire

The Nautilus Mini is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, and it uses the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology. It’s designed to last longer and provide the purest and cleanest taste from e-liquids. Its main feature is an improved four-port adjustable airflow system, which allows the user to adjust the draw, warmth of vapor, and amount of vapor produced. Other features of this clearomizer include:

* one 2ml Nautilus Mini Tank (1.8 ohm BVC atomizer pre-installed)
* one replacement BVC atomizer (1.8 ohm)
* an eGo threaded cone
* a user manual

How to Take Care of Your Bottom Coil Atomizer

in general, a coil head or clearomizer may last anywhere from 3 to 14 days. You may extend the life of your clearo when you know how to keep your hardware in tip-top condition. According to this Reddit post, fruity e-juice flavors leave behind residue on the coils more than any other type of nicotine-containing liquid. The person who posted that message also provided a few insights into using bottom coil clearomizers:

1. Fruity flavors usually gunk them up pretty quickly. I can go for a week or so with a pure (as in simple) tobacco juice and no funky taste, no taste changes, nothing. If I use anything sweet, I need to clean it up after about 10 ml (~4 refills).

2. If the liquid goes below 1.3-1.5 ml, it will gurgle. And not the mild type of gurgle that goes away if you do 3, the one that goes away only if you fill it up again.

3. If it gurgles after a refill or because of condensation (vaping in cold weather, bringing it back in the house, etc..) DO NOT remove the clearomizer and blow through the tip! This will totally mess it up and you will need to take it apart and clean it. What you need to do is either (a)blow through the bottom or (b)(preferably) take a couple of short drags without activating the battery. This will take care of it.

4. I usually vape them at around 3.7-4.2 volts. If it starts to taste funky, I found that a temporary solution (if you’re at work or something and you don’t have a spare or can’t clean it) is to dial up to a higher voltage (in my case 4.8 – twist) and do a couple of long drags without inhaling it. This kinda clears up the gunk for about two-three hours.

5. If it starts to consistently taste bad/burnt, changing coils doesn’t do much unless you clean the whole clearomizer and discard the juice.

6. Cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol works really really well. I have one (I call it The Invincible) that I’ve been using for a month now (same body, same coil) and was cleaned three times, changed juices at every cleansing, with blackberry then RY4 then banana nut bread. Still going strong.

7. If you leave them filled on the desk for a couple of days, they will gurgle. Applying 3.(b) solves it.

8. Another thing about condensation. If you want to fill it and tip it over, use a napkin at the drip tip otherwise you’ll have a surprise juice discharge in your hands.

It’s not just leftover gunk that may cause you to draw dry hits from a bottom coil atomizer. It may be the thickness of your juice, wick size and vaping voltage, among others. The PUCK E-cig Mods blog has identified the issue:

As you draw on the mouth piece of a bottom coil atomizer (BCC for short), you are sucking out the juice from the tank basically into the atomizer wick holes. As you deplete the juice in the tank, you are creating a vacuum above the liquid. The more liquid you use up, the more vacuum you create in the tank above the juice. This vacuum wants to keep the juice in the tank and not let it go out through the atomizer wick holes. What happens next, a dry drag into your throat.

That’s the reason why many bottom coil clearos have multi-port airflow systems. A few vapers have suggested drilling into the microscopic holes to widen them, but this can cause juice to leak out if you’re not careful with your modifications.


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