Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Smokers Smoke & Vapers Vape

We love vaping

Do you ever wonder what it is about smoking that people like so much? The truth is that for most people, it’s not actually the smoking itself – it’s the other aspects of smoking culture that provides the most enjoyment. And it’s no different with vaping. Electronic cigarettes provide you with a great alternative to smoking, without all those harmful chemicals that come with traditional smoking.


Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons smokers smoke and vapers vape.

  • The routine: People tend to follow a fairly normal routine. And we all love something to look forward to. Vapers enjoy knowing that when they wake up in the morning they can enjoy a vape or two with their morning coffee or a vaping session once they get home from a long day at work. Some say it’s like a small reward.
  • The habit: Some people become addicted to the habits of vaping. They enjoy the throat hit of the first inhalation, the visual of the vapor as they exhale, and even the simple “hand-to-mouth” motion of vaping.
  • The flavours: One huge advantage ecigs have over traditional cigarettes is the variety of flavours you can choose. From sweet candies to tropical drink flavours, and from fruity blends to minty freshness, there is no shortage of ejuice flavours!
  • Relaxation: Vapers (and smokers) come to depend on the relaxing feeling that waves over them when they vape. Why? It’s the deep breathing first and foremost. It’s also the act of getting away from the stress to “have a smoke.” By physically removing yourself from a stressful situation and finding a quiet place to breath deeply for 5 or 10 minutes, you can just feel the anxiety melt away.
  • The culture: For some, vaping is about being part of a community and emerging themselves in a culture. These people (like us!) love to chat about vaping rituals, different ecig styles, and all the latest flavours. We also love to debate the controversy and cultural aspects of the vaping community.

Everyone vapes for their own personal reasons. So tell us, what is it about vaping that you love so much?

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